Our Prices Are Reliable & Affordable

If you’re considering using our services, you may have questions about our pricing. As a transparent service provider it is important to understand our upfront pricing model and the other pricing models in our industry. Let’s review two of the most common pricing models in the digital industry the retainer model and the value driven model and then cover the details of our model: Fixed fee model. 

Retainer Model: Paying One Flat Monthly Fee

The retainer model gives the agency the ability to charge a said fee for agreed upon services. This model is usually agreed upon between the customer and the agency in the beginning of a relationship. A retainer promises a list of services for a flat fee every month regardless of performance time investment from the agency and actual deliverables. Consider it a fee to be a client of the agency instead of a fee to get services done. Think of it this way if an agency feels you make a significant ROI in your services compared to the other clients they will charge you more because of that. It is common that our clients come to us after paying a retainer fee for several years because they did not understand exactly what that fee covered. We do not charge a retainer fee as we feel it is critical to have a fair pricing model for all of our customers. 

Value Driven: Paying Based on the ROI of Your Service

The value driven approach says that if you make X the agency will charge Y. The issue with this is that our work generally does not change when it comes to working with higher ROI industries. For example a website is a website regardless of how much money it will make the client it still takes the same effort from our team to develop the website. While the value driven approach is very successful for many agencies we do not feel that it supports a fair pricing structure for our clients.

Fixed Fee: Our Agency’s Pricing Model

The fixed fee model says that we will work at X amount to achieve Y result. This is our agency’s pricing model for digital services. The benefit of our model is that we empower the customer by giving them a fair pricing model and full transparency of what they’re getting regardless of their industry return on investment for their services or what they’re currently spending with their digital agency. Our approach allows our clients to track what we’re working on for how long and when it is completed in real time. Numero Uno takes a proactive approach to communication in providing detailed analytics that give our clients peace of mind.
If you have questions please contact us at:
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